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Running With a Pram - A Beginners Guide

It can often feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to work, exercise, and enjoy quality time with family, especially as a parent or guardian of young children! However, running with a pram can be a great way to stay fit and healthy, and enjoy a run outside without the need to arrange for childcare. Take a look at this beginners guide and top tips for running with a pram from virtual running event providers ACE Races.

Make Sure Your Child is Old Enough

Although advice varies, your child should certainly be able to sit up independently and hold their head up properly before you begin to run with them in their pram, buggy or stroller. We would generally recommend waiting until your baby is around six to nine months old. It can be safe to run with a child under six months if your stroller has a car seat adapter to keep their head and neck stable.

Keep a Flexible Running Routine

When running with a pram, it isn’t necessary to stick to a strict training routine as it could cause you unnecessary stress when it should be a fun and healthy activity for you and the baby. Instead, try to keep a flexible running routine and set yourself loose targets. If your baby is asleep on your run, then you may be able to achieve a further distance. If your baby is awake and alert, you may find short sprints and interval training more fun.

Consider Buying a Specialist Running Pram

If you’re planning to regularly run with a pram, then you may want to consider buying a specialist running buggy. Choose a suitable buggy for your regular running terrain, off-road or pavement, and choose a model with a wheel size of 16 inches or larger. A specialist running pram will ensure your child is stable, secure and comfortable. Look for a model with suitable suspension, shock absorption, and a handbrake.

Lock the Front Wheel

Some running strollers have a fixed wheel, and others have a switch that allows you to lock it in place. Locking the front wheel of your pram will prevent any sudden turns when running so you can avoid crashing and stay safe.

Keep Your Posture

Running with a pram will feel different to your regular sessions. However, it is still vital that you keep a good posture. Remember to run with your chest out, shoulder blades back and down and in an upright position. Adjust your running buggy’s handlebars so that they are at the correct height for you, as stooping over can lead to back pain and increased risk of injury.

Don’t Grip Hard on the Handlebars

You should also avoid gripping hard on the handlebars when running with a pram as this can also cause issues with your posture and form. Pushing a running stroller prevents your natural arm swing which will increase strain on your legs. So, if you’re running on a flat surface, try to push with one hand at a time and alternate hands every few minutes to allow your other arm to swing. You may consider using a wrist strap so that the stroller stays attached to you.

Choose a Safe Place to Run

Choosing a safe place to run, where you feel confident picking up the pace, is vital when running with a pram. Your local park may be the most suitable place if you have younger babies as you can stick to the footpaths. Quiet roads can be ideal for running with a pram too, but always make sure to avoid traffic-heavy areas or routes where you need to cross any busy roads.

Make it Fun!

Running with your baby in a pram can be a great way to get outside and spend some quality time together. For younger babies, heading out for a run before naptime can help them to go to sleep as they often enjoy the motion. However, if they feel hungry or restless then it often isn’t the best time.

As mentioned, it isn’t necessary to stick to a strict routine when running with a pram and its important to make it fun and make sure your children feel included, especially as they grow into toddlers. Why not play games like eye-spy when running with your child in a buggy? Or head to the park and let them enjoy a play before running back. Choose whatever routine works for you when running with a pram, as long as you are keeping active and having fun with your child!

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