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Virtual Races

Discover ACE Races most popular virtual runs and enter a race near you! Running takes time and commitment, but with the support of our virtual running community, you’re sure to progress, stay motivated and reach your personal best.

Take Part in a Virtual Run with ACE Races

Finding races in your area can be a challenge, but with ACE Races you can take part in a virtual run anytime, anywhere! You don’t need to worry about travelling to a race, or rescheduling your events calender as our virtual runs allow you to take part whenever and wherever suits you.

Why not complete your run in the local park? Challenge yourself to a cross-country sprint or, hit the gym treadmill after work one evening? Our virtual running races allow all participants to work on their personal best time and finish the race at your own pace.

Enter a virtual run and join our supportive running community today!

Discover our range of Virtual Running Races

ACE Races offer a wide range of virtual runs to challenge your ability.

As the shortest distance we offer, our 5K virtual runs can help you to reach your personal fitness goals and are ideal for both beginners and more advanced runners looking for a fun training tool.

Next up is our challenging and rewarding virtual 10k races, perfect for runners levelling up from 5k and those training for longer distances.

For the ultimate tests of endurance and commitment, enter our virtual half marathon and virtual marathon races.

We also offer a range of Cumulative Distance Challenges where you can decide on how many sessions you can complete the distance. We also offer Annual Virtual Challenges where competitors can set their own goals and complete the Bronze, Silver or Gold Virtual Challenge.

Join one of our virtual running races or challenges and complete the run at your own pace.

- Enter a Virtual Run today.

- Send ACE Races your results.

- Receive a Custom Medal in the post!

Earn Custom Running Medals

As well as joining a supportive community of runners, all of our virtual run competitors will also receive a custom-made and collectable medal in the post!

Our medals are designed to complement the theme of your chosen race, whether you’ve entered The Wild West Virtual Race - 5km, the Cirque du Sore Legs - Half Marathon, or The Great British Race - Marathon.

What is a Virtual Running Race?

A virtual run is similar to a traditional running race, except you can complete it anywhere and at any time you like whether it’s day or night, in your local park or on the treadmill at the gym.

There is not a required location or mandatory start time, so can complete a virtual run when suits you.

Our fun Virtual races can also be completed at your own pace, and are a fantastic way to challenge yourself and achieve your own fitness goals. Stay motivated by sharing your time and distance with the supportive running community and receive a custom-made medal in the post.

How do I start virtual running?

Starting running has never been easier with ACE Races.

First, you need to enter one of our virtual races before completing it anywhere, anytime and at your own pace.

Use any fitness tracker or smartphone app to track yourself, and take a screenshot of your time and distance. If you’re using a treadmill or other gym equipment, you can take a photo of the display when finished.

Send your results to results@ace-races.co.uk and once verified we’ll send you a custom medal to acknowledge your achievement.

How much do Virtual Runs cost to enter?

The majority of our ACE Races virtual running events cost just £15 to enter. You can also treat family and friends who love to run with an ACE Races Gift card. Available in denominations of £15, £30 and £45, the gift card must be redeemed within 12 months from the day of purchase.

Do I have to complete the entire virtual run in one session?

The main goal in any virtual race is to finish, and it isn’t always necessary to run the race distance in just one session. Everybody has a different ability, so whether you prefer to walk or run, you can split the virtual run distance over a few days, weeks or even months.

Many of our virtual half marathon and virtual marathon competitors choose the split the distance into sections they feel more comfortable with. Our cumulative distance challenges are designed with a target distance for each month, and our annual virtual challenges are to be completed over twelve months.

When do I receive my Custom Medal?

Our ACE Races team are able to verify your virtual race results within seven working days of receiving them. Once verified, we’ll send your shiny, custom-made and collectable medal in the post. Look out for the email confirmation when dispatched.