Every entry made will plant a tree 🌳 in a bid to lower carbon emissions.

How to Enter our races

1) Choose a virtual race to enter on our website.

2) Start your challenge. Track yourself completing the challenge using any fitness tracker, App or use results from your park run or similar. 

3) Once you have completed the entire distance required, simply screenshot or take a photo of your gym equipment monitor of your recorded results and fill out our results submission form for them to be verified. 

4) Send your results to us within 6 months from sign up date. We do also accept results accumulated before sign up date.

5) Your results will now be verified within 7 working days of submitting them. Once results are verified, your medal will be dispatched within the following 7 working days. We work on a 14 working day turnaround due to high volumes.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions about our virtual challenges.