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Running Clothing Guide

Whether you’re new to running or regularly compete in races, it can be difficult to decide on what clothing to wear when running. Too hot? Too cold? Too tight? Too loose? Take a look at this running clothing guide from virtual running races provider ACE Races and discover what to wear, whatever the weather.

Winter & Summer Running Clothing

The key to comfortably running in the winter months is to wear thin, wicking layers. However, once you get moving your body is going to warm up. If in the winter months you’re comfortable standing still before a run, then you may become too hot once you get going. To avoid overheating in the winter months, try to dress like it is 10°C warmer than it is.

There’s no need to pay out for a whole new expensive wardrobe to get started running, but if you’re looking for a few pieces of running clothing, then check out our handy list.

Running Shoes

A good pair of running shoes is essential, take a look at our detailed guide to buying running shoes.

Wearing old, worn-out shoes can cause a range of running injuries and increase stress and impact on your joints. Consider buying two pairs and wearing them in rotation.

Running Socks

Avoid wearing 100% cotton socks when running as they can hold moisture from sweat or puddles. Instead, look for running socks made from a synthetic blend of materials such as polyester and acrylic to prevent blisters. Double-layered anti-blister socks are also a good way to protect your feet, and some socks even offer extra cushioning around the heel and ball of the foot.

Running socks are available in a range of styles, choose the best for you although many runners opt for low or ankle socks in the summer and high or compression socks in the winter.

Running Socks

Technical Running Clothes

Running clothes should be lightweight and designed for movement to avoid any chafing. Technical versions of fabrics such as nylon, wool and polyester are ideal as they will keep you dry and warm in cold weather and wick sweat away from your body in hot weather.

Some running clothing is made from compression fabric which can help to speed-up recovery post-run and offer further support. If you have a few small items in your possession when running, such as your phone or keys, look out for lightweight jackets, tights, and running capris with pockets.

Remember to wear reflective clothes to improve your visibility when running at night or on dark winter days. For cold-weather runs, you may also opt for a top or jacket with a thumbhole sleeve for extra warmth.

As well as wearing a hat and sunscreen on hot weather runs, you may consider buying specialist SPF running clothes for further protection from the sun.

Waterproof & Wind Resistant Rain Jackets

The ideal running jacket should be lightweight, waterproof and wind-resistant. Many jackets are made from seam-sealed nylon shell or Pertex to keep you dry and offer breathable coverage to ensure you don’t overheat.

Sleeveless gilets are also popular with runners and are ideal to wear over a long-sleeve on milder winter days.

Running Rain and Wind Proof Jackets

Running Shorts & Legwear

Light, nylon shorts are ideal for running as they allow airflow, don’t rub against your skin and are shaped for improved movement. Tight lycra shorts are also popular with runners as they are supportive and prevent chafing.

In colder weather, running tights are ideal due to their supportive and stretchy design. These type of running legwear will not chafe, drag in puddles or become heavy in the rain. For even colder winter conditions, you might consider winter weight tights boasting thermal fleece lining and even windproof panels for further insulation.

Supportive Sports Bras

The ideal sports bra for running should offer plenty of support and not stretch out too much. Test out your sports bra fits properly by running and jumping on the spot and remember to replace your bra when the elasticity is lost.

You should also replace your sports bra after 72 washes or if your weight changes to ensure you are comfortable and supported.

Sports Bras for Running

Winter Running Hats & Running Gloves

In cold weather conditions, it is essential to wear a hat and gloves as most heat is lost from your hands and head when running.

Hats and gloves made from fleece material are ideal for keeping your warm and wind-resistant.

The Running Clothes Layering System

To stay insulated but avoid overheating in colder weather conditions, you should wear two to three layers of technical running clothing as the layers trap pockets of body heat between them and wick sweat and moisture away from the skin. As you continue on your run and heat up you can then remove layers to feel more comfortable.

Layering for RunningImage credit: Fix.com

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