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Race to Space Virtual Challenge - 100km

Race to Space Virtual Challenge - 100km

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About this Virtual Race

The shortest distance between Earth and Space is approximately 100km (62 miles) straight up from the ground. This is where the planets boundary ends and suborbital space begins. Challenge yourself and take off on the race to space by completing the 100 km distance and earn yourself a medal that is out of this world!

How and when you complete the 100 km distance of the challenge is entirely up to you! Walk, Jog, Run, Cycle, Swim, Row or use gym equipment to complete the distance any other method. You can complete this challenge in one go or as many stages as you prefer. The challenge must be completed within 30 days from the day you sign up. Receive a custom made medal for your efforts in the post.


  • Where:  This is a Virtual Race. Complete anytime, anywhere, any way you choose.
  • How: Complete in one go or separate stages. Use any method you choose or a combination of methods.
  • Distance: 100 km.
  • Submission Date: Submit your results within 30 days of entering this race.
  • Medals Sent: Once results are verified.