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Welcome to your virtual event! It’s time to get moving!

You are one step closer to reaching your fitness goals.

You are one step closer to reaching your fitness goals! For those of you who are new here, we have covered the basics of how to get started with our virtual races and long distance challenges below.

1) Save your code!

You will receive a confirmation email which includes a 5 digit order number stated in bold. You will need this code to submit your results with at the end. We recommend saving the email so it doesn’t get lost. If you cannot find the code please email us info@ace-races.co.uk we would be happy to help.

2) Start Exercising!

Complete the distance in one go or as many stages as you need to based on your own fitness levels. You can use as many or as little methods to complete the distance in as you wish. For example you could run part of the challenge and cycle or swim the remaining. You could even complete the entire distance on a rowing machine or by horse riding the distance! Be as creative in your exercise choice as you wish.

3) Track your results!

There are many ways to track your distance such as using a fitness tracking watch, fitness tracking apps (such as Strava, Map My Run, Runkeeper & many more free to use applications), take a photo of your gym equipment monitor, park run results, live race results and many more. As long as you can show the distance complete, the tracking will be accepted.

We do not have an app as we believe in keeping things simple. There are so many fantastic ways to track your distance that are already on the market so there is no need for us to do this. It also means we are able to offer our challenges and races for a fair and reasonable price that is accessible for all.

4) Submit your results!

Once you have completed the entire distance, collate your proof of results and submit them via our website. We also accept a snapshot summary of results where the distance is shown for a timeframe such as 1 month or 3 months, meaning you only need to provide 1 single screenshot.

Please read our dedicated submission page for further information.

5) Wait patiently with a brew!

Results will be verified within 7 working days. Once they are verified, we will dispatch your medal within a further 7 working days or from the date specified on the race entry page. We work on a 14 working day turn around due to the volume received.

Majority of the time, we try our very best to verify and ship your rewards within a week but on occasions, where demand is higher, please allow for up to 14 working days. If you have been waiting longer than 2 weeks for a shipment email, we do welcome you to email us info@ace-races.co.uk as there may have been an issue with the submission.

Good luck! From all the team at Ace Races 👏