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What is a Virtual Run?

A 'virtual running race' or 'virtual run' allows you to set yourself a challenge for a race which can be completed in your own time as apposed to a set calendar date and location within the year. 

You simply sign up to a virtual running race of your choice, once you have signed up, you complete the specified distance of the race whilst wearing a fitness tracker. You can complete a virtual race by Walking, Jogging, Running, Wheelchair, Rowing, Cycling, Swimming or any other method you choose. Once complete, you upload evidence online of you completing the virtual race and you will receive a custom made medal for your efforts.

what is a virtual run?

Donations are also made from your entry fee to specified charities. Annually, donations total up to thousands of pounds which can make a real difference to these causes. It may not seem a lot to donate per race but after 12 months, the amount can be significant. The more people who compete the more money can be donated.

Virtual runs are a great way to escape the daily chores and stresses of life as well as set yourself targets and challenges. 

If you are training for a marathon, what better way than to practice using a virtual run.

Maybe you are a medal collector and love to receive the creatively unique designs, we have to admit, it is addictive! 

Visit our Virtual Running Races page for race options.